Cake Smash


It was about a week after Adam’s birthday that this went down in the little public garden round the back of our house. We had literally JUST moved into the house (about three days earlier), I threw a cake together and decorated it with things I had in the cupboard that might be suitably tempting to make Adam dig his hands into said cake (namely biscuits and raisins).

Natalie came over, and it was the first time we met. She was lovely and so friendly and she made the photo shoot comfortable, like I was hanging out with a friend. The kids also loved her, though with three of her own, she’s well trained so this wasn’t surprising!

We found a relatively well-shaded spot, and laid out the blanket Natalie had brought and popped on the cake. All that was left was Adam, but of course he wasn’t interested. Now he will usually eat anything. Food, insects, anything. But he wouldn’t touch the cake. I know he doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth, but a cake sitting there begging to be smashed How could anyone refuse?! Even Emily was dying to have a go.

But he did poke at it eventually, he even nibbled at a small piece, and Natalie got some good photos of the process, and eventually we let Emily join in too.

It was fun, if slightly frustrating, but the photos are great, and it’s a funny story to accompany some great pictures of my hard-headed little boy aged one.

(For the record, it wasn’t Natalie’s fault the photos took so long to get to me. She was on holiday in April, which I knew about when I booked the photo shoot and didn’t mind waiting!)

Natalie’s website is Natalie Robinson Photography