We had some fun with shaving foam the other day. Adam wasn’t too sure at first (he’s going through that “can’t have messy hands” phase) but Emily loved it, she spent an hour “washing” everything in the garden with the foam – including herself.


I love that the weather is now finally cool enough to enjoy the outdoors. The garden is seeing plenty of action, as are the parks and sandpits (and yes, I still hate sand). Ironically, now that the weather is probably perfect for swimming, we haven’t been to the pool in weeks. I guess I’m in Wannabe Winter mode, even if it is really equivalent to a British Heatwave.

Watching Emily and Adam play together has become fantastic. Now that he’s talking so much, I guess she feels that she can now communicate with him better, he’s reached a new level and they do play together so well. There’s also a lot of affection between them, they often sit on the sofa watching Frozen together (they both love it), arms around each other, snuggled up.

A few short months ago I remember wondering whether having two children really would get any easier. And then it did.