Big Messy Playdate

Before the insane sandstorm hit over the weekend, it was getting quite hot here in Dubai. Way hotter than February should be – even in this neck of the woods. So we took advantage of it by having a messy playdate in our garden. I turned into a mad Pinterest mum for a while and came up with all these ideas for the playdate (of which I only ended up using a couple). I knew we’d have a range of ages so I wanted everything to be somewhat edible, just in case.


To get things started, I asked the older ones to find the grapes and raisins hidden in the jelly!

(The white mess on the table is from a can of whipped cream that we sprayed onto

their hands and told them to go and wash everything with. The edible version of this.)
Can I eat them? Why yes, you can!
There was colourful spaghetti (mad Pinterest mum actually dyed this herself that morning)
That was pure madness FUN to clear up…
We had painting: paintbrushes, stamps, fingerpaints
And we even had oobleck, though I don’t think my version was very good. They enjoyed it anyway.


And then they had fun “cleaning” everything up. (Which roughly translated into us adults having more to clear up than we otherwise would have had the kids not helped)

We ended it all by having a rain feast (whereby I turn on the water hose and soak everyone), which always goes down well. We are very rain deprived here in Dubai, you see.

Judging by the feedback that came in after the playdate, the little ones loved it, and some of the kids wanted to move to our house because it’s “way more fun there.” I know I had a blast! I guess we’ll be doing it all again soon.

This is a link that came in very handy when planning this playdate:
Five Messy Sensory Bins for Babies and Toddlers