Breakfast at Tiffany’s


There are a few pregnant ladies in my social circles at the moment. (Before anyone think it, I am not broody). But pregnant ladies mean baby showers. They also mean raging hormones and tears for quite random reasons, yes, but they also mean baby showers.

Cue me and my good friend, C, getting together to plan a baby shower for our pregnant friend, M. Me and C had never planned a party together before. We both knew we were sticklers for detail, and share varying levels of OCD and an abnormal love of lists, so we knew we’d probably plan a good party between us, but we’d never put it to the test.

(Until we did.)

What we organised was a party planned to minute detail and with military precision. We enjoyed every minute of the almost-6 weeks of planning. And boy, did we plan.

The theme was to be Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and while we couldn’t quite justify the AED8500+ ticket quoted by WorthDreaming, we still wanted the very best for our friend. So instead, we made it all ourselves.

The games were planned, game sheets printed (and individually cut and mounted onto matching paper… yes we did go overboard with certain things, and we know it), decorations and accessories bought, bunting made (yes, made), cakes ordered, food organised, miniature babies frozen, fruit carved, dog decorated.

It came together beautifully.











And best of all was that M had no clue that it was being organised; in fact the hardest part of the entire operation was convincing her not to go to the beach that morning but to come and have “breakfast with C and myself.” Her reaction was worth all the paper cutting and gluing and searching high and low for the right-coloured balloons. There is something incredibly rewarding about making someone you care about feel special.

  • Cakes and cookies made by CakeWitch
  • Pop corn from Dubai Gourmet PopCorn
  • I’ll be blogging with how-to instructions for the fruit baby carriage soon!


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