That time we made it to the Maldives

It was the original honeymoon destination we had hoped for, but budget just couldn’t stretch that far (we went to Mauritius instead). We were eventually going to go to the Maldives last May, but life happened and we couldn’t make it. So when Hubby actually booked a semi-surprise trip to the Maldives for a week after my birthday in October, it was pretty awesome… we were finally going to go!

And then October came, and summer in Dubai ended (so what if it’s still 34 degrees during the day) and the weather change did what it does in every other country: everyone got sick. Adam had a fever, then Emily had Scarlet Fever, then Hubby and I didn’t quite feel too well, then Adam got caught up in Round Two, and that brought us up to three days before our trip to the Maldives. The day before, I was attempting to pack and again feeling awful, knowing full well it wasn’t about to stop just because we were going on holiday.

Now, we’re not an unhealthy bunch. We eat moderately well, yes we could be healthier generally but it’s not too bad. But October… wow.

So, after taking Adam to the doctor again the day before the holiday and being given the all-clear, we were off.


To cut a long story short, the trend carried on and somewhere in there, there was even some food poisoning thrown in for good measure for me which took away a good third of my holiday.

The kids weren’t in the mood for much so they moaned. A lot.

And Hubby and I weren’t in the most patient of moods so we shouted. A lot.

And in the end, sadly, we were all quite happy to just get home and be back in a normal routine.

So October’s been… interesting. For what was possibly the first time in my life, I was glad to see the back of it.

And as for the Maldives, well, we’ll just have to go back and do it all over again sometime…








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