Emily’s Travel Report: The Maldives


Last week we went to the Maldives. I liked that we could see lots of fish. We saw stick fish! They were my favourite and really funny.

We went to the kids’ club and I made a monster for Halloween. It had many eyes.

We went on a speed boat to get there and then we went on another boat to see some dolphins. I was really scared at first but then i really enjoyed it, and I loved being at the front of the boat. The dolphins were beautiful. It was so exciting to see the dolphins.

The next day we went on another boat. A glass bottomed boat. We saw lots of banana fish and stick fish and lots of other beautiful fish.

One night we went swimming in the pool at night in the dark and we saw bats.

The next day we went to the beach and we played and played and I made three sandcastles with Daddy.

A man who worked at the hotel made birds for me and Adam out of leaves!

We had lots and lots of fun and on the plane I said “please can we go back to the hotel?”