Interviewing the Birthday Boy (3)

We celebrated Adam’s birthday a day earlier than his actual birthday but once we were at it, we went all out. Gifts, balloons, party all happened a day early. As far as he knew, his birthday was that day. And he loved every minute.

And seeing as how he turned three (something he is immensely proud of), I began his series of Birthday Interviews. The Adam we know and love really shone through in his answers; there weren’t really any surprises. But even knowing our little boy so well, his answers warmed our hearts and sometimes made us laugh out loud. Here is what he had to say.


What is your name?
Adam GW

How old are you?

What is your favourite thing to do?
Playing with my racing cars

What do you want to be when you grow up?

What is your favourite food?
Fish fingers

Who do you like to spend time with?
Miss Rachael

What do you do really well?
Bouncing (We went to Bounce yesterday)

What makes you laugh?

What is the best time of the day?

What are you afraid of?

Who is your best friend?

What do you like to do with your family?
Play with my toys

What do you love to learn about?

Where do you like to go?

What is your favourite book?

If you had one wish, what would it be?

Ok so that last one may have confused him somewhat, and his opinion of a safe answer to everything is “Superheroes” but that in itself sums Adam up perfectly. It’s either cars, or superheroes, or running around pretending to be a car or a superhero.

My sweet sensitive boy, we love you “all the way to Superheroes”, as you’d say.


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