This evening, when I mentioned that I was contemplating a possible return to blogging, a good friend and fellow blogger requested that I write about the things me, E and A get up to. Dear Maureen, if I do start blogging again and actually keep at it for longer than a few weeks (this time), you’ll have yourself to thank.

In my last post, I talked about letting go of extras. The things that take up precious time that could be spent living the moment, but instead make the children too tired to enjoy being children. The things that turn me into a stressed out mum instead of a calm one the children enjoy being around.

Summer was just around the corner when I wrote that, and I was determined for it to be one that made up for all the time we’d wasted driving from one class to another supposedly having fun.

With one week of holidays left before school starts, I think I can safely say I nailed it. So over the next few posts, I’m going to be talking about our adventures over the summer and the way me and the kids became buddies and learnt to have fun together in the very simplest of ways.

(Hopefully it won’t be 6 months before that next post comes…)


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