The Day the Stars Aligned

Well. Hello.

It’s been over two years since I last wrote here and for most of that time I was sure my blogging days were over. The fact that I missed it was no secret. I tried doing my thing on Instagram instead, but it has never been quite the same.

Hubby Dearest suggested that I give it another go earlier this week, when I was having a weird day, bored by the long Ramadan afternoons. He wasn’t the first to suggest I give it another go over the past two years, but somehow on that day, the stars aligned and my reaction wasn’t an outright “no.” In fact, I was on my laptop trying to remember my password within fifteen minutes of the conversation (and I only waited that long in an attempt to keep my cool and be able to say I didn’t jump straight into it).

So here I am. I am going to give it another go, because I think it is good for me. Writing has always sparked something within me. Words beg to be set free and threaten to overwhelm me if I don’t listen. Having said that, (and I am writing this primarily to remind myself), I will blog without obligation. No pressure, no checking stats, no marketing, no “sorry I’ve been quiet for a few weeks”, possibly not even the comments function.

Just words. (And pictures… because this is me we’re talking about.)