I can’t believe it’s almost over. We talked about it for so long, and watched preparations go up around us for a year longer than expected (thanks, pandemic).

And yet, here we are. Six months have flown by, I feel like I barely scratched the surface (despite multiple visits), and I will genuinely miss the magic. I am so grateful to have been able to experience Expo 2020 on our doorstep.

I have spent the last few weeks feeling intense EXPO-FOMO. A low-lying level of panic over the fact that there are so many things there that I still haven’t experienced. The Luxembourg slide. The Polish ice creams. The (apparently) epic German pavilion. Just to name a few.

But then I stopped myself. Because it doesn’t actually matter.

There will always be more to see, more to do. And there will never be enough time. Never.

So no more panic. I am not going to drag the kids to Expo if they are tired after a day of school and outright don’t want to go, nor am I going to hold it against them or have any regrets. (May just need to take myself there without them instead…)

I am going to choose to focus on the wonderful times we have spent there over the last few months, and if we get another chance or two to do that again before it is all over, then brilliant. If not, we have the memories of the things we did see, and the wonder we felt.

The rest I am letting go.


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