The Pretty Walrus

Why “The Pretty Walrus”?

After “Mummy” and “Daddy”, “pretty” was my daughter’s next word. For a long while, anything she liked was “pretty.” But one of the first times she said it, she was looking at the picture of a walrus in one of her bath books. After that, Daddy, the Christmas tree lights and her bottle of milk (amongst plenty of other things) were all called “pretty” but the walrus remained the funniest, and therefore it won blog name.

The Person Behind The Pretty Walrus

Girl, Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Friend.

Taxi Driver, Organiser, Planner, List Writer, Conspirator, Stationery Lover, Memory Maker.

I was born and brought up in Malta. In my early 20s, along with my then-fiance now-husband, I moved to London and later settled in Rochester, Kent, which quickly became Home. After several years, we moved back to Malta and a year later, left Malta again, this time for Dubai which is where I am, happily, still.

My blogging journey has been a long one. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t journal, or blog. It began way back in the late 90s on LiveJournal (which involved a lot of waiting for my turn to log on to a university computer during a free period), to being named a top-15 TOTS100 Baby Blogger in 2012,  to a decision a few years later to stop blogging entirely.

But I never did really. The words always found a way out, be it as Facebook posts or on Instagram.

And so I’m back for another go. This is a blog of a girl who blogged before blogging was even a thing. The girl is all grown up now, but words never grow old. The girl is wiser now. She knows, hopefully, that blogging doesn’t need to come with rules. This blog doesn’t come with social media. It doesn’t need a following. This blog is simply about a girl letting her heart speak.

You are, however, more than welcome to read.

PS. The old blog is still online, you can see it under “Archives”